In 2018 One Pearl Bank Condo SG living and residential project that was developed. Our residential project is located on the heart of Singapore so there is no location that you can find better than us. Only we provide you a good way of living still in the budget of your dream. You can compare our pricing and facilities with others only then you can realize how much we are providing at a price lower than others.

If you are searching for a place to live where you can find all the modern facilities as well as high security and a good natural environment in Singapore then ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area is what you are searching for. Our residential project focuses on the best way of permanent living beside, we also focus on providing you the social spaces so that you can have interaction with the other residents. We also aim to provide you practical solutions for all the problems of everyday living.

By choosing One Pearl Bank Condo SG, you will join an elite group of people, this project can provide you very best in comfort and security.

Why Should You Live in One Pearl Bank Condo SG?

When will you call a residential area perfect? If it has schools, shopping mall, gym? Or you will call it great if it has a park near it? ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area has all in it. It has all the essential things that you can expect from a residential area as well as all the facilities you can expect from a residential area.

Whatever modern facilities you can think of you will find it all here at ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area. Just pay us a visit you will understand by yourself what you are getting in your budget.

A Budding Social Life

It is very important for anyone to mix with a different type of people in order to broaden their mentality as well as learn about the culture and lifestyle of the different people of different country and region. The estate provides an amalgamation of people, if you a person who likes to meet with people of different cast, background, culture, religion, and nationalism then ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area is going to be the best place for you. Here you can have an interesting social life for sure.

Perfect For Anyone

No matter if you looking for a simple bachelor pad or you need somewhere to stay with your family or you a newlywed man (or woman) and you’re looking for somewhere to start your own family we have flats for all at ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area. No matter if you want a studio, one bedroom flat, 2/3/4bedroom flat or you want a penthouse at ONE PEARL BANK CONDO SG residential area we have it all. We have 140 units of the studio which are of 40sq meter besides we have 175 units of 1 bedroom or 1 bedroom plus study flats which will suit you if you want to live single. We also have 280, 140 and 35 units of 2, 3, or 4 bedroom flats if you want to live with your family. As you can see we have flats for all you can choose from them to live happily with your family.

If you own a car and need car parking then we also got you covered we have 640 lots of car parking so that you don’t have to worry about parking again. We also have 5 handicapped lots so you don’t have to worry if you have special needs.

Hong Kong Land & MCL Land

The One Pearl Bank Condo SG housing and residential project were developed by realty firm city Land, through MCL Land, its Singapore-based subsidiary.

Hong Kong Land is one among the most important and most expansive realty development 1st within the entire Asian continent, and this project was commissioned by the firm as a part of it’s in progress commitment to the event of Singapore and is realty market.

We aim to provide you the best residential experience yet at a price that you can dream of. Providing you with the best possible services is our main priority. If you want to be the part of this great residential area please contact us at https://onepearlbankofficial.sg/contact/